Born in 1983, KURAR is a self-taught street-artist. He made his first paintings in the 90s. His all-rounder personality brings him to different graff and gluing technics, starting by vandalism action before concentrating himself to stencil and canvas.

For 10 years, the artist is mainly focused on 3D work, volume and colour. The stencil work becomes later his speciality, which he maintains with stencil, spray paint and acrylic.

His engaged paintings introduce us the identifiable contrast of Kurar’s work. Reflexion based on his work, concerning war, religion, consumer society, is completely contrasted by the candour and innocence of childhood. It’s an important message with a cynic and ironic point of view of the world, but always full of hope.

Most pieces of this show are works on paper from with images that could be used to realize murals or canvases.

All this poetry is underlined by the very specific use of palette range so typical of Kurar. The dominance of shades of grey are counterbalanced by very bright touch of colours, attracting the viewer’s eye towards the work’s main elements.

The confrontation of sense and technic within his paintings accentuates the idea of a reflexion concerning the society’s drifts. However, this sadness is softened by a poetic universe, black humour and nostalgia. His work may be appreciated thanks to a visual chock reflecting reality…

His growing success since 2012 brings him to work with others famous artists, enabling him to export his ideas in the rest of the world (L.A, N.Y, Brussels, Singapore, Berlin…). He then becomes an international messenger.