ETNIK, Green Revolution, Lodi

The title of this impressive mural is “GREEN REVOLUTION.” It stands as a remarkable work of art that delves into the concept of nature within an industrial landscape. Notably, this expansive mural also incorporates a vertical garden, a groundbreaking and somewhat costly undertaking aimed at fusing a garden with a mural seamlessly.

This project finds its home within the broader initiative known as “PARK LIFE.” PARK LIFE is a visionary undertaking set to rejuvenate a series of industrial areas located in the northern regions of Italy. Over the past two years, it has played host to a vibrant street art tour, a testament to the project’s ongoing success and appeal.

The mural is situated in the city of LODI, which holds strategic importance as a logistic hub in close proximity to the bustling metropolis of Milan. This juxtaposition of artistry and industrial functionality in a city of such strategic significance exemplifies the innovative spirit and ambition that underlie this “GREEN REVOLUTION” mural and the broader PARK LIFE project.


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