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NEVERCREW, Bracketing, Nancy

NEVERCREW, Bracketing, Nancy “Bracketing” – Mural diptych realized in Jarville-la-Malgrange (Nancy, France), curated by LeMur Nancy, 2021. 48°40’20.1″N  6°12’04.1″E It is in Nancy, through their mural untitled Bracketing, that the last brushstrokes of the Swiss duo have been noticed.  Inspired by the particular shape of the two walls, the NeverCrew have imagined this series of […]

MOMIES, Teenage Kicks, Rennes

MOMIES, Teenage Kicks, Rennes The fifth edition of the Rennes urban art biennial, organized by the Teenage Kicks association, will be held this year from July to January, between Rennes and Saint-Malo. The premises of the event, between the 11th and 12th of September, were marked by the realization of the Wall of Fame, a […]

MOMIES, Colors Urban Art Festival, Strasbourg

MOMIES, Colors Urban Art Festival, Strasbourg From September 3rd to 26th, the third edition of the Colors contemporary urban art festival will be held in Strasbourg. It is on the port of the Rhine, and more precisely in the lighted workshops of the former coop, that the most curious visitors will be able to admire […]

NEVERCREW, Gravity, Le Locle

NEVERCREW, Gravity, Le Locle “Gravity” – Mural painting realized in Le Locle (Switzerland) for Exomusée, 2021. 47°03’27.3″N  6°44’56.2”E This project originates from the desire to highlight the particularities of the city of Le Locle, whether it be its political and social history, its location or its shape, since its tradition of precision mechanics, particularly focused […]

NEVERCREW, Fade n°2, Locarno

NEVERCREW, Fade n°2, Locarno “Fade n°2″ – Mural painting realized in Locarno (Switzerland), 2021. 46°10’03.7″N  8°47’46.0″E This project originates from a reflection on the relationship between technology and nature. Here, technology is the trace of Man on earth, sometimes destructive, sometimes a source of well-being. The project thus refers to the perception that the humankind […]

MOMIES L’essentiel, Paris

MOMIES L’essentiel, Paris The summer season was again the occasion to see Momies’ work shine during the festival l’Essentiel. His abstract lines, made with aerosol spray and acrylic paint, could indeed be admired during this collective ephemeral art experience held at the Parc des Expositions et Centre de Conventions de Toulouse. Between July 8 and […]

NEVERCREW – Ignition, Luzern

NEVERCREW – Ignition, Luzern Ignition “Ignition” – Mural painting realized in Luzern (Switzerland) for / Stadt Luzern, in the context of the climate protection campaign of the city of Luzern, 2021. 47°02’51.1″N  8°18’20.8″E This project integrates the particular structure of the wall and its safety stairs, and thus emphasizes the notions of verticality, of […]

Matthias MROSS / Mural in Tbilissi, Georgia

Matthias MROSS in Tbilissi Matthias Mross is back in Georgia to paint this 16-story facade for Niko Movement with a subject matter inspired by his trip to Dublin and his horse vendors at the Smithfield horse fair. This fresco echoes his recent solo exhibition at the GCA Gallery Paris, Urban Cowboys, whose main theme also […]

NEVERCREW / Grenoble Street Art Fest

NEVERCREW – Collapse   Collapse Mural painting realized in Grenoble (France) for Grenoble Street Art Fest, 2020. This mural is directly connected with the previous one we realized in Grenoble in 2016 (“Ordering machine”), bringing forward the dichotomy between needs and exploiting, between belonging and appropriation, to recall the distorted perception that humankind has of […]

RATUR, Daphné, Dijon, France

This fresco was achieved by French artist Ratur in October 2020 with the support of the city of Dijon (Bourgogne) and Zutique Productions as part of the artist collective M.U.R Dijon. It harnesses the recurrent theme of nymphs used by the artist in his recent artwork. Ratur here immediately refers to the ancient myth of […]

DZIA / Resilience, Brussels, Belgium

DZIA in Brussels   This fresco was painted in October 2020 on the wall of the British School of Brussels by Dzia using the artist’s most recurrent theme being animals. Many of them are represented here forming the artist’s traditional bestiary thanks to the swirling lines and bright colors used to create the animals.   […]

MR JUNE / Walls in Geel (Belgium) and Heerlen (Netherlands)

Mr June intervened in Geel in Belgium and Heerlen in the Netherlands with his usual geometric shapes inspired by the hexagon. The wall in Geel in Belgium was curated by “All about things” and the one in Heerlen by “unframed”. Mr June worked directly with aerosol paint without prior sketching. He is inspired by the […]

RATUR x SCKARO / Emancipation, Saint-Raphaël, France

This mural was achieved with the support of the city of Saint-Raphaël (south of France) on the front wall of the cultural center by artists Ratur and Sckaro, brothers born and raised in Le Havre (Normandie) who frequently work together. Its purpose is to embody Culture’s emancipating role using the artists’ traditional influences such as […]

DZIA / 2 vossen in Vossem, Vossem, Belgium

DZIA in Vossem This mural, created for the anniversary of a couple living in Vossem, Belgium, uses the bestiary theme that characterizes Dzia. The Fox referred to in the painting and in the title, « 2 Vossen » meaning « 2 Foxes » in dutch, is an immediate reference to the artist who identifies himself directly as the animal. […]

MOMIES / Barbès-Rochechouart, Paris

MOMIES in Paris Concurrently with his personal Obsession exhibition at GCA Gallery PARIS, MOMIES was invited by Galerie Itinerrance to produce a monumental fresco of 1,600 m2 on the ground, under the Barbès-Rochechouart skytrain. We find in this project the Modules of the Montpellier artist, typical of his work, using a limited chromatic range. This […]

MOMIES x MAYE / Banana Pschit Festival, LYON, FR.

On the occasion of the Banana Pschit festival, which took place from October 10 to 25, 2019 in Dijon, the Momies – Maye duo was reformed for a mural. These two artists come from the Montpellier vandal scene. Today both internationally recognized, each develops a distinct style. Momies is recognizable by his “Modules”. Momies comes […]

ETNIK / Bologna, Italy

ETNIK at home The wall by Etnik for BLQ association was painted from 26th to 28th of September 2019. The wall is 16 x 4,5 m and is situated in Bologna. The wall represents the dualism between nature and architecture. BLQ Association arises from the union of several artists who have been working for Bologna […]

NEVERCREW / Shifting machine, Cadenazzo, Switzerland

NEVERCREW – Shifting machine Shifting machine – Mural painting realized on the new STISA SA packages center in Cadenazzo (CH), 2019 46°09’19.1″N 8°56’28.2″E This work take its shape by the structure of the wall, its readability and from the activity that it’s going to start inside the building of which is part: the sorting of […]

ETNIK / Sologne Contemporary Art Biennial

ETNIK in France Etnik and the city of Millançay launched on July 4th 2019, the 6th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Sologne. The wall was officially inaugurated with ribbon and speech in front of a large admiring audience. Etnik told us his amazement and his emotion in front fo so much heat: small town – […]

ETNIK / Randers, Denmark

ETNIK in Denmark ETNIK’s wall in Randers (Denmark) is a collaboration with MADE514. The wall represents the city of RANDERS: according to the architecture of this city, Etnik painted with his personal style the most important places of Randers like St Morten Church, the building of Helligandshuset (1434) and more over, taking the texture of […]

NEVERCREW / Cluster, Novara, Italy

NEVERCREW – Cluster Cluster – Mural painting realized in Novara (Italy), 2018 45°27’09.6″N 8°37’31.0″E In an era full of images, informations, shared knowledge and open communication, there’re both the opportunity to be aware of multiple matters and an undertone of haze. For the big amount of data on a side and for political systems that […]

ETNIK / Jacksonville, USA

ETNIK in the USA The design of this mural is inspired by the Platonic geometry, named by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. He associated each of the five Natural elements with a regular solid. Earth was associated with the Cube, Air with the Octahedron, Water with the Icosahedron, Fire with the Tetrahedron, and the Dodecahedron […]

MOMIES / STREAM / Seine river banks / Musée d’Orsay

MOMIES in Paris   In June 2018, Momies painted on the banks of the Seine, under the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, an ephemeral fresco on the ground of several hundred square meters. This project, run by the Itinerrance gallery in partnership with the city of Paris, stretched from the Musée d’Orsay to the Musée Jacques […]

NEVERCREW / Sensing machine n°3 / Paris, France

NEVERCREW in Paris “Sensing machine n°3” – Mural intervention realized at Le M.U.R., historical institution of street art in Paris (France), 2018. 48°51’57.1″N 2°22’40.0 »E Le M.U.R. is an important tradition in the street art scene in Paris and it’s strictly connected to the neighborhood in which it leaves and evolves. With the idea of a […]

NEVERCREW / Realizing Machine, Lucerne, Switzerland

NEVERCREW – Realizing Machine “Realizing machine” – Mural painting realized in Luzern (CH) for the Neusicht exhibition organized by Viva con Agua, 2016. Viva con Agua is a network of people and organisations commited to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide. 47°02’29.2″N 8°18’25.7”E This works is about the […]