NEVERCREW, Fade n°2, Locarno

NEVERCREW, Fade n°2, Locarno

“Fade n°2″ – Mural painting realized in Locarno (Switzerland), 2021.

46°10’03.7″N  8°47’46.0″E

This project originates from a reflection on the relationship between technology and nature. Here, technology is the trace of Man on earth, sometimes destructive, sometimes a source of well-being. The project thus refers to the perception that the humankind can have of nature, and to the artificial interpretation that it makes of it, namely a manipulable and usable agent, which can appear as a simple landscape, where it in fact embodies the everything of our environment. 

This imbalance between perception and reality is above all the consequence of centuries of thoughtless habits and approaches to the world around us. Thus, this project aims to highlight this problem in order to draw the public’s attention to it.


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