RATUR x SCKARO / Emancipation, Saint-Raphaël, France

This mural was achieved with the support of the city of Saint-Raphaël (south of France) on the front wall of the cultural center by artists Ratur and Sckaro, brothers born and raised in Le Havre (Normandie) who frequently work together. Its purpose is to embody Culture’s emancipating role using the artists’ traditional influences such as their classic and urban inspirations. Culture is represented here through the figure of Marianne, a republican French symbol, testifying of the importance of cultural accessibility that needs to reach everyone. That aspect is also carried out by the location of the fresco, painted on the outside of the building and thus visible from the street. The main theme currently harnessed by Ratur, nymphs, is also present on the artwork. The final piece was achieved in 40 hours.