NEVERCREW, Gravity, Le Locle

NEVERCREW, Gravity, Le Locle

“Gravity” – Mural painting realized in Le Locle (Switzerland) for Exomusée, 2021.

47°03’27.3″N  6°44’56.2”E

This project originates from the desire to highlight the particularities of the city of Le Locle, whether it be its political and social history, its location or its shape, since its tradition of precision mechanics, particularly focused on watches, has inspired the very structure of the city. 

From these elements, the duo decided to highlight the consequences that human gestures can have on the general balance and the microcosm it regulates.

This underlines the distance between human and natural systems, whether in the perception that mankind has of the nature or in the damage caused by the police against the human interest, as evidenced by the negative repercussions on the environment, the strong imbalances and disparities of our societies or the lack of social justice.

Proportions and spaces, consumption, appropriation or sharing: this is a shift in points of view between the real, the local or the global, to recall the necessary reciprocity between each level of our system, and the position of each within it. 


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