MOMIES, Teenage Kicks, Rennes

MOMIES, Teenage Kicks, Rennes

The fifth edition of the Rennes Urban Art Biennial, organized by the Teenage Kicks association, took place this year from July to January, between Rennes and Saint-Malo. The event was marked by extraordinary moments, including the realization of the Wall of Fame, which took place on the 11th and 12th of September. Thirty European artists, including the talented Momies and Stom500, collaborated to reinvent a 900 m² wall on the Boulevard du Colombier, thus highlighting the creative genius and originality of the urban scene in the old continent.

Working together, Momies and Stom500 combined their talents to create a captivating artwork on the Wall of Fame. Their distinct styles intertwined harmoniously, creating a mural that couldn’t fail to capture the attention of the spectators. The vibrant colors, organic forms, and dynamic patterns transformed the wall into an explosion of creativity, illustrating the power of artistic collaboration.

The contribution of Momies and Stom500 to the Rennes Urban Art Biennial added a unique dimension to the event. Their presence showcased the diversity and quality of European urban artists, thus strengthening the biennial’s reputation as a must-attend gathering for urban art enthusiasts.

Beyond the collaboration between these two artists, the biennial presented numerous other artistic installations that captivated visitors. Iconic locations in Rennes and Saint-Malo were transformed into true urban art galleries, offering enthusiasts an immersive and inspiring experience. Performances, exhibitions, and participatory projects fueled the curiosity of the public and sparked lively discussions about urban art and its role in our society.

The Rennes Urban Art Biennial also served as a platform for exchange and encounters between artists, art professionals, and enthusiasts. Conferences, workshops, and debates were organized to stimulate reflection and encourage interactions. These moments of sharing enriched knowledge and deepened understanding of urban art as a full-fledged form of artistic expression.

In parallel, the biennial also aimed to raise awareness among the general public about urban art, which is often misunderstood. Cultural mediation activities, such as guided tours and meetings with the artists, were implemented to make urban art accessible to all and promote a better understanding of its significance.


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