NEVERCREW, Bracketing, Nancy

NEVERCREW, Bracketing, Nancy

“Bracketing” – Mural diptych realized in Jarville-la-Malgrange (Nancy, France), curated by LeMur Nancy, 2021.

48°40’20.1″N  6°12’04.1″E

It is in Nancy, through their mural untitled Bracketing, that the last brushstrokes of the Swiss duo have been noticed. 
Inspired by the particular shape of the two walls, the NeverCrew have imagined this series of different realities, playing on the spectator’s perception. The human gesture is then seen in all its forms, the act of taking a photo being alternately related to the notion of possession, that of being caged, and conversely, that of trying to understand our universe and preserve it. 

From these murals also emanate a kind of temporal ambiguity, where distant memory and present-day continuity merge. In a very symbolic way, the frames and proportions delineate this troubled perception of distance, the issues of consciousness and a form of natural truth that arises independently of the geographical position it implies. 


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