MOMIES x MAYE / Banana Pschit Festival, Lyon

On the occasion of the Banana Pschit festival which was held from October 10 to 25, 2019 in Dijon, the duo Momies – Maye reunited for the time of a fresco. These two artists come from the Montpellier vandal scene. Today both internationally recognized, each develops a very distinct style.

Momies is recognizable by its “Modules”. Momies comes from the traditional graffiti scene. Passionate about lettering, he remains faithful to this original passion, while his style evolves towards abstraction and sophistication.
The letters have been stretched and thinned to the point of elusive, airy lines. The name and letters so dear to graffiti traditions have disappeared in favor of style and movement. The graffiti itself is reduced to the essentials: spontaneity, speed of execution, visual impact.

Maye, meanwhile, passionate about drawing, will be recognizable by his filiform, slender and flexible figures. Artist extremely attentive to detail, he will create imaginary worlds in his works.
This collaboration will give birth to a monumental fresco where their styles mingle. Indeed, we find the modules of Mummies in a preponderant way in which are interposed a profusion of plant motifs made by Maye. The whole, made in shades of ocher, blends into the urban landscape.


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