NEVERCREW – Ignition, Luzern

NEVERCREW – Ignition, Luzern


“Ignition” – Mural painting realized in Luzern (Switzerland) for / Stadt Luzern, in the context of the climate protection campaign of the city of Luzern, 2021.

47°02’51.1″N  8°18’20.8″E

This project integrates the particular structure of the wall and its safety stairs, and thus emphasizes the notions of verticality, of superimposition, and by this, the possibility of looking at the same context from different points of view. Metaphorically, it highlights the constant exchange that exists between all the parts of the overall environment.

The Nevercrew duo has subsequently developed a project on the relationship between man and nature, to testify to the responsibility of the men both in the damage and in the definition and adoption of possible solutions. The questions of global warming and the will to allow an emphatic glance on the environment, glance too often narrow, distorted, or even cynical based on the economic criteria inherent in our consumer society are the main stakes of this realization. 


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