FIKOS, Hero-Almetyevsk, Tatarstan


If Fikos chose to represent on this wall of the city of HERO-ALMETYEVSK in TATARSTAN the myth of the golden bird, it is once again with the aim not to impose his style, but rather to combine it with the local traditions. This production, untitled HERO-ALMETYEVSK, has above all a didactic dimension, since the study of local myths gives the opportunity to see beyond the simple cultural differences. This allows us to come to the conclusion that we are all humans with imagination, fears, a strong social instinct, creativity, but also limits.

These different traits favor the emergence of a faith in a superior force, whether it be heroes who will save us from evil, abstract values such as justice and rights, science, or of course God.

“The Myth of the Golden Bird” is the Tatar version of the famous tale of the hero killing the dragon to save the princess. Besides, this wall was realized within the project “Tales of Golden Apples” of Паблик-арт программа в Альметьевске and TATNEFT .