Memorandum is both a a record and a reminder for the future. It functions for me in this duality.

These portraits allow me to express a vision, a warning and a reminder. A reminder about consequence and about perseverance and strength. I came to Paris 5 weeks ago and made 57 photo portraits and filmed 10 video portraits. A catalog of sorts. I photographed friends and friends of friends. The selection of people was quite random and in no way curated. Every person photographed is in the exhibition. Each one is a collaboration between myself and the subject in which the subject is both exposed and simultaneously fictionalized. That is the collaboration. Taking what is inherent to the subject and also projecting what I am trying to convey regarding the future and possible outcomes.

Together we create portraits of people who don’t exist in a circumstance that has yet to occur. The portraits are an invitation to the viewer to find themselves or a part of themselves in these images. There are also an invitation to more ­closely examine the consequences of our current means.

On a personal level it is a record or document of a place and a time. The people I’ve met, my friends and Paris in 2018. This function will not be realized until some point in the future. A point at which my memories of this time fade, the conversations become harder to recall and the details evaporate. This will be my record, my mnemonic device.

A note to my future self.